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340,000 miles 250,000 meals. Nobody Goes Farther for Our Seniors.

Meals on Wheels of Ocean County saves lives. Each day, we provide over 1,000 meals to hungry and housebound seniors throughout sprawling Ocean County, New Jersey. Each year we travel over 340,000 miles. To put that in perspective, that’s more than a round trip from New York to Los Angeles every single week.

Through countless meals and miles, we strive to maintain a No Waiting List policy. Our goal is to feed every hungry senior in Ocean County that needs us, without interruption or delay. But in order for us to remain successful in our mission, we need your help.

Meals on Wheels is not an entitlement program. The entire Ocean County Meals on Wheels program is run by Community Services Inc., a private, non-profit charity created by St. Andrew United Methodist Church in 1973. And right now, we are asking for your generous help and support.

Seniors In Need Does Hunger Affect Your Family? Do you have a family member or friend who is currently receiving Meals on Wheels? Please click here
Donations Help Feed Hungry Seniors Thousands Ocean County seniors benefit from Meals on Wheels. Help us continue to feed them.
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